headbanging english major

oy. Is it just me? Is it that English is a living (and therefore evolving) language and I should just ignore these things?

I was on the treadmill Friday, my trainer's daughter (degree in marketing) was on his computer trying to work up a tagline for his gym's website. I don't remember the exact phrase they were trying to create, but it was something along the lines of:

Oasis Personal Training where we sculpt your body  complimentarily routinely (or some similar nonsense). My head exploded. Complimentarily??? I challenged that it wasn't actually a word, and she and another insisted that it was. that my objection was simply an alternate pronunciation like 'tomato' tomahto'. I insisted it wasn't at all the same thing. Obviously she was stuck in a thesaurus and seemed to think that stringing bizarre word combinations together would have some meaning. I think I hurt her feelings. but honestly: Complementarily???? and no, she wasn't trying to say that it was free, she claimed it meant more, added value. No, I don't believe he will actually use that line. But he wants her to try to work on her creativity or something.

I googled that spelling, and there are a number of website actually using that word! is it me??? Is this an example of English evolving? or am I simply being a grammar/word geek?

Puppy still needs a home

Ok, some one on FB asked about a pic of the puppy I mentioned earlier (logical), so I called our friend and instructed him how to email a pic (he had no idea) and I got a few. The poor little guy is only about 2lbs he said! but oh so affectionate. They really want him re-homed as soon as possible.. before the wife gets attached (since they already have 5 dogs, even a bitty one is getting a bit much). Please, if you or anyone you know, or anyone you know who knows.... help him find a loving home? being a poodle, he's hypo-allergenic...!

he's smaller than my smallest cat! great with kids, and with other dogs. not a clue about cats.

puppy needs a home

a friend called this noon and asked if I know anyone who would like to take in a puppy. geez, most I know are cat people, but you never know! So... My friend in Columbia rescued an approx 2yr male miniature poodle (sand colored) from the side of the road. Poor guy had been abandoned, was in dire need of grooming and such. All that has been done, he is in lovely shape but is very affectionate.

P says he'll probably always act like a puppy, besides min poodles can be like that. They already have 5 dogs and can't really handle a 6th that wants lots of love and affection. Can anyone give him a home??

He just wants to be sure it will go to a home that loves him, not to someone who will sell him. Oh: good with children and other dogs - not a clue about cats.

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Mr Wizard says we can go to Hyundai and open negotiations on a Santa Fe today. Collapse )

Fun and games at work this week involved a break-in! Collapse )

Sewing is going along. Machine decided to get cranky again on Friday and screw up the tension. So it has the weekend off. I've reset the stitch, re-threaded it, cleaned out the bobbin under-throat area... if it still won't behave on Monday, I'll switch it out for the singer I now have on permanent loan.

BTW: if anyone travels a lot with machine sewing.. I found a notions travel case at Target yesterday: it comes with Collapse )

some days....

after wed's fitting, I was a bit worried about today's. Then I realized that I had brought the wrong suit to the gym!! quickly ran back to the office (just 1/2way down the building), dashed inside and swapped.. went to close the door... bang! won't close! the latch won't retract. well, that happens sometimes because the screw holes are so stripped the latch shifts. So I tried to shift it back in place. bang! nothing is working, even open the latch won't retract. great.. Collapse )
So we went on to the fitting. Collapse )

so... nothing has changed as far as the pod or the car, cause it's nothing I can work on. I hate patience!!!!!! but at least today's fitting went well, and now I can close/lock my door. I guess that makes it a good day?!

just feeling a little blue

I dunno, just feeling a little down. I'm looking at all the things that need doing, and feeling that nothing is quite working.

Had person in for a mockup fitting. Collapse )

So, I'm bummed that my mock was such a failure and needs so much changing. We've got another re-fitting next Wed.. but the whole thing needs to be done and stoned by early April and that's not much time.

Thursday I try the 3 mock pieces (out of 4 pieces - 2 outfits) on Tavian. I'm worried. The whole thing feels depressing. I really wanted to be ready to go to the velvet and get this underway.

And other than that, Collapse )

And then there's the general packing. Collapse )

Know anyone who feels like giving us pots of money? didn't think so.

So, I'm feeling down because my sewing was/is crap, I feel like I'm on hold about the car and there's nothing I can do about it and it's just wasting time, and I can't get anything going to get the packing/pod-thing on track all because it's stuff that involves him and he's busy and doesn't want to deal with it. Bleah.

Maybe I'll be better tomorrow. I guess it depends on how that fitting goes. (oh dear). And both of those outfits also have to be done by early April! At least I got the one guy's commission done today. (and your'e still here??? I'm shocked!)

will sleep well tonight


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Suits: Collapse )
Another woman came in (via Pierre & his office neighbor) and bought a ready-made suit because they didn't want to wait for a custom job. bottoms fit fine, but the top isn't great. Nice to sell the suit: gives me money I can buy stones & the show table with!

Got a phone call from a guy in Indiana who can't buy web-mail suits,Collapse )

Today was the Collapse )

Got home, took a short nap and went out car investigating. the Hyundai Santa Fe doesn't s^ck. Oddly, of the 7 vehicles I've investigated, It has the second longest overall length, is the widest, has the most cargo room, the second best ratings (general score & reliability. Honda beats it), and the price is great. Shame the color is ugly. "Black Forest Green" is really black with pretentions of swamp kakhi. lovely. <sigh>

So, I have some sewing to do this week, assuming my machine will continue to work after I threatened it's life.



ah well, it was a good thought. At least we tried. Fitting party was a bust: 2 friends showed up for a brief amount of time, and one person who bought 2 suits.  gonna try again at a gym in Columbia next weekend - at least it's in conjunction with a posing clinic (if you're going to compete, you need to practice the poses and make sure you're doing them right), so we know there should be people there. At least I don't have to do any sewing for it!

Day 9 - done!

Well, my marathon run is done, and I"m just awaiting the judges tabulation. whew. I did good.

I checked on the fitting party tomorrow.. just to find it's gone up to 27 claim they will be there (including me, and the host). and 71?! have said 'maybe' (I know what that means. I hope). However... he was supposed to let me know if any women signed up otherwise I wasn't planning on bringing women's stuff. Good thing I checked: there are 3 women signed up - one is (I'm guessing) his wife. So. mad scramble to find the suits I couldn't find yesterday, grab the fitting shells, and the women's fabrics that I hadn't packed and print out additional measurement papers. Oh and, of course I only have 1 size in fitting shell bottoms. So..... gotta quick make up a med & a large (after I draft up the pattern - assuming I can find it).

On top of having 2 massage sessions and a workout, so I didn't have time to draft until after lunch around 2:30ish... I managed to find what I needed and cut out what I hope works for a large and a med. Set down to sew. Oh dear! I didn't pay attention to which pattern piece I was grabbing when I cut the fabric! So.. the med has a purple back and a blue print front, while the large has a blue print back and a purple front. oy. But, I got them both done.

Which means.. if I did get 18 suits done by yesterday, the 2 bottoms today actually gives me a total of 20. Score!!!! and a bunch of other things during the week as well.

Let's hope this has all been worth it. I hope a bunch of the guys will buy ready-made and not want custom, cause there's so little time. But then, I hope I have enough stock left for the party next Sat! In any case, I'm done with this manic run.

Sewing Day 8

I hope the weather tomorrow is ok, so I can go in to work, do my 2 sessions, workout and sew maybe 1 more suit.

Tavian did come in and we got fabric chosen (barely) and designed her two suits - bathing suit and 'active wear'. And I got to take lots of measurements and drape a bust cup on her. But... 3 darts???? I mean, 2 can easily turn into a princess seam, but 3??? we'll see.

and there's a new guy coming in to work out now, and he apparently trains a bunch of others (or maybe just has a lot of friends, I'm not sure) and he's talking about sending people to me, and wants 2 suits for himself - luckily he doesn't need them for April 10!

As to my challenge... Collapse )
But somehow I've got to clean stuff up! I took the women's suits out of the tub just yesterday, they're in a bag, and I can't find them. Neither can I find the bolo tips I ordered last Nov and I"m going to need them. This is bad when I can't find my supplies. and the piles in front of the shelves are falling down. Help!!!!