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Sewing Day 8

I hope the weather tomorrow is ok, so I can go in to work, do my 2 sessions, workout and sew maybe 1 more suit.

Tavian did come in and we got fabric chosen (barely) and designed her two suits - bathing suit and 'active wear'. And I got to take lots of measurements and drape a bust cup on her. But... 3 darts???? I mean, 2 can easily turn into a princess seam, but 3??? we'll see.

and there's a new guy coming in to work out now, and he apparently trains a bunch of others (or maybe just has a lot of friends, I'm not sure) and he's talking about sending people to me, and wants 2 suits for himself - luckily he doesn't need them for April 10!

As to my challenge... I have no idea! I've lost track. According to what I initially wrote, I first cut out 15 suits. Of those: there's a problem with 1 fancy and it needs a new piece (I think it was a bad cut on one layer), and 1 I screwed up sewing the side seams and didn't notice until after 1 elastic was on. So that leaves 13. But apparently I cut out 6 black suits, and I know I cut out I think another 6 XLs. So how many is that?25? whew. Ok, as it stands tonight, I've got all the Larges done, there's 1 Medium left, 3 Smalls, and I think 3 XLs. and no, I can't count the finished ones, because they're all packed into the 'stock in hand' bags with the ones left over from last Nov. So I think that means that 18 must be finished, bagged & packed.

I've got the tub packed with everything I think I need for the fitting party, plus nearly all my fabric - and some additional fabric in a bag that doesn't fit in the tub. Just in case the weather went wierd and I couldn't get to the office tomorrow, it's all in the back of my van tonight. If I can get in... then I should be able to do at least 1 more suit. Well.. 18 out of a challenge of 20, (plus fittings and a handful of sessions), that's not bad. just a bit of a wobble on the landing I guess.

But somehow I've got to clean stuff up! I took the women's suits out of the tub just yesterday, they're in a bag, and I can't find them. Neither can I find the bolo tips I ordered last Nov and I"m going to need them. This is bad when I can't find my supplies. and the piles in front of the shelves are falling down. Help!!!!
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