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Day 9 - done!

Well, my marathon run is done, and I"m just awaiting the judges tabulation. whew. I did good.

I checked on the fitting party tomorrow.. just to find it's gone up to 27 claim they will be there (including me, and the host). and 71?! have said 'maybe' (I know what that means. I hope). However... he was supposed to let me know if any women signed up otherwise I wasn't planning on bringing women's stuff. Good thing I checked: there are 3 women signed up - one is (I'm guessing) his wife. So. mad scramble to find the suits I couldn't find yesterday, grab the fitting shells, and the women's fabrics that I hadn't packed and print out additional measurement papers. Oh and, of course I only have 1 size in fitting shell bottoms. So..... gotta quick make up a med & a large (after I draft up the pattern - assuming I can find it).

On top of having 2 massage sessions and a workout, so I didn't have time to draft until after lunch around 2:30ish... I managed to find what I needed and cut out what I hope works for a large and a med. Set down to sew. Oh dear! I didn't pay attention to which pattern piece I was grabbing when I cut the fabric! So.. the med has a purple back and a blue print front, while the large has a blue print back and a purple front. oy. But, I got them both done.

Which means.. if I did get 18 suits done by yesterday, the 2 bottoms today actually gives me a total of 20. Score!!!! and a bunch of other things during the week as well.

Let's hope this has all been worth it. I hope a bunch of the guys will buy ready-made and not want custom, cause there's so little time. But then, I hope I have enough stock left for the party next Sat! In any case, I'm done with this manic run.
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