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Cheerleader- what is it with people who can't decide what they want to do?! So last week she decides not to try out. And yet I'm at the gym on Fri and mom has brought in a bought sports bra and shorts and asks if there's anything I can do to glitz them up for her to wear... tomorrow at the tryouts! They admit they're looking/hoping for a miracle. Well... I can't do much, but I sold them some rhinestones, showed them how/where to put them to make a nice design (not a clue what they'll end up with) but I didn't have any glue with me to stick them on. Luckily you can get the glue at Michaels (gem-tac) so they can do it themselves. suggested they use tweezers to hold the stones. oy. at least they didn't expect me to make an outfit in 1 afternoon! sheesh. just as well, I didn't really have time.

Suits: got people coming in for fittings: 1 guy who doesn't need his suit until May but wants the fitting and to see the fabrics now. sure fine. just please don't put the suit on sideways. <rolled eyes> it's not a thong. and a woman who needs a suit for Apr. And got Tavian (angel-woman's daughter) in for a lengthy measuring. fitting garments are ready for both Tavian and the other woman - well, most  of Tavian's stuff is ready; she needs 2 outifts. and I'm going to need to drape the one-shouldered sporty top on her I think. In any case, the mockups are ready for a try-on before I make it for real. I actually got to drape tops the way the online course has been suggesting, I hope it worked!

Another woman came in (via Pierre & his office neighbor) and bought a ready-made suit because they didn't want to wait for a custom job. bottoms fit fine, but the top isn't great. Nice to sell the suit: gives me money I can buy stones & the show table with!

Got a phone call from a guy in Indiana who can't buy web-mail suits, not a chance ever they'd fit (don't ask). Since he doesn't need it until.. Aug? and he's sent me photos of his fitting issues, and he's going to pay the mailing costs, I'm going to see what I can do. this is going to be an odd-looking suit! Boy am I going to send him a pic with a lot of measurements. I'm told I ought to ask for a 'sock puppet', but I'm not clear on how to describe how to make it, or to be honest what I'm supposed to do with it!

Today was the Columbia posing clinic- was 1/2 later than I had expected to be, half of it was looking all over this gigundo club trying to find where they were! no one seemed to know. <rolled eyes> Finally got there, got things worked out. Got 2 guys fitted for suits, one is ordering 2 suits, and got 2 women fitted for suits. A few other folks want suits but they aren't in show shape yet so there was no point in trying them on. Think I'm going to need to make a 2x fitting shell for the guys.. was surprised at the size of 2 of the trainers, I'm not sure my 1x will stretch that much. and that manic run was about 2.5 hours!! whew.

Got home, took a short nap and went out car investigating. the Hyundai Santa Fe doesn't s^ck. Oddly, of the 7 vehicles I've investigated, It has the second longest overall length, is the widest, has the most cargo room, the second best ratings (general score & reliability. Honda beats it), and the price is great. Shame the color is ugly. "Black Forest Green" is really black with pretentions of swamp kakhi. lovely. <sigh>

So, I have some sewing to do this week, assuming my machine will continue to work after I threatened it's life.

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