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just feeling a little blue

I dunno, just feeling a little down. I'm looking at all the things that need doing, and feeling that nothing is quite working.

Had person in for a mockup fitting. The only bottoms I had for her originally were too small, so I had to make a lot of adjustments. They fit like crap. Luckily since she was in, I graded up a couple sizes for fitting shells and had her try on 1 size bigger - which fit much better (whew, cause I made a pattern for the size!). But... she and her trainer (and his wife) were there. The didn't like the angle of the sides, they want it lower in both front and back. They want a sharper V (believe me, if I could get it to V properly and not U I'd be doing that!). they want wider sides (most want narrowest possible!). So we chalked on the suit they way they want it, hopefully the re-do will be better, it's a totally different style than my pattern is for. Maybe it will give me a new pattern? dunno. But that was just the bottoms!

I had made the top in 2 different styles: one with an underbust dart and one with a princess seam. I had draped the cup right on her and we both like where the edges were. I followed the instructions from the online course when I draped and when I turned it into a pattern and into a mockup. But.. somehow when I made it up, the thing turned out 1/2 the size it should be! I mean, I need to bring out the medial edge 3/5"!!  I have no idea why the cups came out so bizarre. but it makes me nervous for the top I made for a re-fitting tomorrow. I did come up with a way to mockup the foam interlining though. At $15yd (even if it's 60") I jsut don't want to throw away foam on mockups, but I need a way to make the cups 'stiffer'. craft foam! it's cheaper, I have some on hand, and it seemed to work well enough for a mock. I'm glad I thought of that.

So, I'm bummed that my mock was such a failure and needs so much changing. We've got another re-fitting next Wed.. but the whole thing needs to be done and stoned by early April and that's not much time.

Thursday I try the 3 mock pieces (out of 4 pieces - 2 outfits) on Tavian. I'm worried. The whole thing feels depressing. I really wanted to be ready to go to the velvet and get this underway.

And other than that, I'm just looking at things that need to be done and require planning, but I don't really have control over it (in a marriage, one must consider the other person. they have a say  too, even if it's inconvenient)).  I've done all the research on a new vehicle, the Santa Fe is the only thing that passes in nearly all categories (color is awful and the engine is a touch anemic although they do have a V6) but it has no blind spot, the most storage, decent gas mileage, decent ratings, great price... and both of us have driven it and are fine with it (that might be overstating it for Himself, but he didn't hate it which is the best I'm going to get). So now the ball is in his court: this is the vehicle I want to replace my van, but when??? He's not anxious to take on more debt and hates haggling with salesmen. Just doesn't want to do it. But, we need to buy it 'now' so it can depreciate down here for a few years and thus be cheaper to register in NH. and my van is at 96k miles, so it needs to be before it turns over at 100k if we want any sort of trade in. But there's nothing I can do about it. He doesn't feel like it, because he hates doing things like this.

And then there's the general packing. He had an idea about getting a pod to pack into and bring a lot of stuff up at one go. I did all the research and found that there's really only 1 company that has a good rate, delivers to Greenville NH and can place the pod in our backyard considering we have a fence around 3 sides (and sometimes bushes). It's not a big pod, but that's ok - it's more than we could fit in either the van or the Santa Fe. But in order to do teh pod-thing, that requires a lot of planning. You have to know when you want them to drop it off (how much time you want to load it) and when you want them to come get and, when they will deliver it up there so we can be there to unpack it and how long we have for that. And that also requires having a clue when we want to target going up in the first place! I'd like the middle of April (since we can't have Feb). But.. that's right after tax day and he's having trouble getting the software to work... and driving up on the 15 would mean he's got to have everything mailed in beforehand (he's been known to mail out that night), and it also means packing the week before tax day and I don't know if he'll be done by then.... but as we wait longer, they're going to move into spring prices and the price will go up. And then we probably won't be able to afford it. After all, we're buying an SUV (someday) and he wants to buy that land.

Know anyone who feels like giving us pots of money? didn't think so.

So, I'm feeling down because my sewing was/is crap, I feel like I'm on hold about the car and there's nothing I can do about it and it's just wasting time, and I can't get anything going to get the packing/pod-thing on track all because it's stuff that involves him and he's busy and doesn't want to deal with it. Bleah.

Maybe I'll be better tomorrow. I guess it depends on how that fitting goes. (oh dear). And both of those outfits also have to be done by early April! At least I got the one guy's commission done today. (and your'e still here??? I'm shocked!)
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