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after wed's fitting, I was a bit worried about today's. Then I realized that I had brought the wrong suit to the gym!! quickly ran back to the office (just 1/2way down the building), dashed inside and swapped.. went to close the door... bang! won't close! the latch won't retract. well, that happens sometimes because the screw holes are so stripped the latch shifts. So I tried to shift it back in place. bang! nothing is working, even open the latch won't retract. great.. my doorknob is broken. I went back to the gym to explain I can't finish my workout, grab my waterbottle and coat and tell her that she'll need to come down for the fitting - because I can't close my door, let alone lock it!

could not get the latch to do anything. made a few phone calls, Pierre stopped in quick to look at it. I had to close the cats into one of the rooms, block the door with the scooter and duck up to the hardware store to buy a new lock. You'd think it wouldn't be a problem to change? no.... not with me. couldn't get the outside knob off and the latch off. finally smacked it a few times with the hammer and the latch retracted and the knob came off. fine. went to put the new one on.

It's too short to line up with the knob hole. I'm losing it! Then Tavian and her coach (and Pierre) came down.  the coach is also a contractor. Bless his heart he looked at it and fixed the problem. Who knew the latch thing was extendable if you poke it somewhere?! so he and Pierre got the doorknob all back in, DH didn't have to drive from work all the way over here to fix it (he might not have known what to do anyway). and now I can close and lock my door. woo-hoo!!

So we went on to the fitting. I took the pushup pads out, they were distorting the cups too much. Needs a big medial dart (or just shorten that edge or the elastic. Once I pinned it, it looked fine. But they don't want spaghetti straps, they want 1" bands. Pull over at the neck and a braclip at the back (no ties at all). ok, that shouldn't be difficult. otherwise the cups looked fine (once pinned).

Changed her mind about the string bottoms. So I put a regular shell on her which fit well. So now it's just shaping the bottom edge 3" wider for a more bikini look than a figure look. and making the sides wider. but the front and back were fine. So that's an easy tweak, not a total design change.

Then we tried on the shorts. These, I outlined and measured according to the class and actually drafted them on graph paper for a pattern and put together. I was really unsure about how they were going to work. But they did! Hey Mikey, they liked it!! coach wants a tiny change in the front leg (a scootch higher in front leg) and I want 1"less elastic, and to add in enough to hem the legs... but otherwise they fit!!! wow. something worked!

So we chose fabric (gotta love spandex house! I asked for 2 grey samples, they sent me all their grey samples!! which was good because what we chose wasn't one of the two I asked for). So... making those 3 pieces will be easy. still have to drape the 1-shoulder bandeau top, but I'm feeling much better about getting these two outfits done for her by April 10. And the stoning is easy: just a simple line outline on the biking and no stones on the sportswear.

so... nothing has changed as far as the pod or the car, cause it's nothing I can work on. I hate patience!!!!!! but at least today's fitting went well, and now I can close/lock my door. I guess that makes it a good day?!
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