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Mr Wizard says we can go to Hyundai and open negotiations on a Santa Fe today. Since he's uncomfortable with them financing it (they're in the business of selling cars, not being a bank! don't like having financial info spread around a lot....) we likely won't finance through them but will have to wait until next week when he can get a credit union loan. I know these days they like to send the vehicle home with you even before you come back with the financing, but he wont' drive of in a car that isn't actually registered in our name. so.... at least it's one more step.

Fun and games at work this week involved a break-in! I came in on Thursday to find the window screen kicked in (yes, I left 2 crank-casement windows open for airing. there's not a lot of room around that sort of window low to the ground)! My first thought was where are the cats - but they were sitting right there looking at me, intelligently not having run out the wide open window to explore. Man, I'm grateful! I looked around and noticed the dirt and light dirty footprints on the carpet near the desk. Nothing seemed disturbed. copier was still there, sewing machines still there, laptop still in its bag behind the desk, boombox still in the therapy room, tv, vcr, dvd all still there..... remembered my wallet that lives on a desk shelf... yep, they found it! took maybe $25-30 in cash, left the bank & credit cards. Looked over under Tavians' mock-up bag at the 2 bank bags... bulky one (it has masking tape and scissors for draping!) still there and more importantly the thin, empty looking one still there (it had $150 or so!). Nothing else disturbed or missing. I'm sure they were shocked when they saw the place, plus since whoever squirmed in couldn't unlock the deadbolted door (no deadbolt knob on the inside) they couldn't get anything out through the window! I suspsect hey were just looking for quick cash - and thankfully found the wrong thing. glad I went to the bank on Monday. Oh, they even left the 2 checks that were sitting on the shelf right near my wallet, not having made it into my wallet!

yeah, I called the police to report it and they sent a couple guys out to photo the dirt and window and shelf, and attempt to take fingerprints off the window (nothing useable). I called yesterday and left a message for the cop about one of the very compressed dirt cods I picked up - acutally has some tread pattern pressed into it. dunno if they want that or not, but I thought I'd call before I tossed it. haven't heard back. So.. that was the excitement for the week. could do without it, but I honestly didn't have the 'classic' feelings you always hear about: violated, sick... Truly I was mostly annoyed/amused that someone managed it and got/did so little. If anything had happened to the cats I would have been sick/pissed, or if stuff was actually taken or destroyed I would have been pissed. but it wasn't. $30, while I need it for my bills, isn't that bad in general. considering.

Oh, judging from the size of the footprint, it was either  a kid who squirmed in, or a very small female. As to the window, the screen was not damaged, just kicked in. They pried up the bottom molding strip but left it in the window, and pried up the crank mechanism. I suspect they also tried to get in through the therapy room window since both of them now are very difficult to crank, whereas before they were smooth. I've reassembled the window bits as best I can. wish the crank wasn't damaged, that's a good window to open for the cats. I'll try to be better about closing them. Sure, I've left them open many times before. In the .. 7 years or so I've been in this office, this is the only problem I've really had - that and a few years ago, someone threw rocks and broke a couple of the casements. That's not that much really.

Sewing is going along. Machine decided to get cranky again on Friday and screw up the tension. So it has the weekend off. I've reset the stitch, re-threaded it, cleaned out the bobbin under-throat area... if it still won't behave on Monday, I'll switch it out for the singer I now have on permanent loan.

BTW: if anyone travels a lot with machine sewing.. I found a notions travel case at Target yesterday: it comes with 20 regular spools of thread (yeah, likely no-name crap. good for basting and mockups) and 20 mini spools  (that means 40 spindles!), a bunch of bobbins, a tape measure, little pin cushion,  shears, seam ripper, 70 multicolored pins, a few wire needle threaders, a disk of hand sewing needles and a couple of thimbles. The accessories are in little clear topped side sections with the spindles in the center of the 2 main halves. The case also has molded pockets on each size about the size of a pattern envelope. For $20! I can't buy the accessories for $20. So.. I got it to take up north with the northern sewing machine, so now I'll have stuff for sewing up there and won't have to remember to pack everything. It's a great buy if you need to carry sewing supplies like that, or want a spare somewhere else - or someone is learning to sew and you want a gift.
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