dora_took (dora_took) wrote,

puppy needs a home

a friend called this noon and asked if I know anyone who would like to take in a puppy. geez, most I know are cat people, but you never know! So... My friend in Columbia rescued an approx 2yr male miniature poodle (sand colored) from the side of the road. Poor guy had been abandoned, was in dire need of grooming and such. All that has been done, he is in lovely shape but is very affectionate.

P says he'll probably always act like a puppy, besides min poodles can be like that. They already have 5 dogs and can't really handle a 6th that wants lots of love and affection. Can anyone give him a home??

He just wants to be sure it will go to a home that loves him, not to someone who will sell him. Oh: good with children and other dogs - not a clue about cats.

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