dora_took (dora_took) wrote,

headbanging english major

oy. Is it just me? Is it that English is a living (and therefore evolving) language and I should just ignore these things?

I was on the treadmill Friday, my trainer's daughter (degree in marketing) was on his computer trying to work up a tagline for his gym's website. I don't remember the exact phrase they were trying to create, but it was something along the lines of:

Oasis Personal Training where we sculpt your body  complimentarily routinely (or some similar nonsense). My head exploded. Complimentarily??? I challenged that it wasn't actually a word, and she and another insisted that it was. that my objection was simply an alternate pronunciation like 'tomato' tomahto'. I insisted it wasn't at all the same thing. Obviously she was stuck in a thesaurus and seemed to think that stringing bizarre word combinations together would have some meaning. I think I hurt her feelings. but honestly: Complementarily???? and no, she wasn't trying to say that it was free, she claimed it meant more, added value. No, I don't believe he will actually use that line. But he wants her to try to work on her creativity or something.

I googled that spelling, and there are a number of website actually using that word! is it me??? Is this an example of English evolving? or am I simply being a grammar/word geek?

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