end of Day 7

I'm exhausted! Even though my Figure person came in early, I stayed late just trying to get more done. I don't even remember how many! I know I've only got 1 purple Lsuit left, 0 med, 3 S and a batch of XLs.  The one M that had the selvage bit in it, turned out ok when I put the waist elastic in, so it went into the stash instead of the fitting shells. One black L? I screwed up when I shelled it and stitched the sides inside out. no biggie considering the side seams are all of an inch or so, except that I didn't realize it until after I had attached 1 leg elastic! so... that will have to be ripped out before I can finish it. probably not this week. so, if I cut out about 20 suits, then I've got all but 4 done, I think the XLs were added to the count afterwards - and I did get 1 of those finished (for fitting purposes). We'll see what happens tomorrow between the snow, having to go back to the gym, & hopefully fitting my Fitness Model.

And apparently I'm doing another fitting party at a gym in Columbia on March 6! I know we had talked about it, but I didn't recall actually agreeing to the date... Figure Woman came in and told me that was the word at the gym. <blink> so I guess I'm going. no, I didn't have other plans - aside from being a slug to recover.

If I'm doing that, I really will have to spend next week making some fitting shells of women's suit bottoms. I only have 1 in 1 size!

Day 7

whew! I need a break. Got a lot of waist bands cut & looped last night. Today, I've been going to town finishing suits. I've done.... 8 or 9? also cut the missing linings for the XL suits, got some of the XLs shelled and ready for legs. I still need to finish 2 burgundy L, 1 M, a bunch of S that haven't been done very far, and a bunch of XLs. So I'm maybe 1/2 done?? not sure.

Fitting this morning went well -if amusing. It's the guy's first show, he's apparently never worn anything like this. He first puts it on and comments that it must be a thong - no... maybe he's got it on backwards? he tries again. now it seems to be sideways! finally showed him the seam goes in the back, the lined pouch goes to the front. Finally he got it right! no, I wasn't in the room while he was changing. I guess I need to explain when I hand them something to try on!

Got a woman coming in tonight for a fitting. Hopefully we won't have bad snow tonight, so I'll also have Angel-woman's daughter tomorrow for a fitting (no, she's not like her mom).

Back to work!

Sewing Day 6

whew. I think I'm mostly done. I considered my schedule and what I still had to do and decided I had to come to the office and do some sewing. even if it is my day off.

I now have all the SML suits leg finished, just need to do the waist elastics. I have 1 of the XL suits completely finished - mostly because I have a fitting tomorrow morning, and in case he's an XL, I should have something for him to try on! I hope I'll get a few more finished, but at least I've got something for fitting. I'm tired.

Looks like tonight I'll be cutting waist elastics, looping them, and marking them in prep for sewing on.

Sewing Day 5

Seems like I constantly had others things that needed tending to yesterday, so I only got about 2 hours of sewing time in. So all I got done yesterday was both legs of 6 suits are finished (5 L and 1 M). I'm going to have to go in today I guess or I'll never finish in time. I think tonight, I'll be cutting XL elastics and sewing them together.

Did get down to Ann's to bring her a moist heating pad and my home electro-stim machine for her leg. She's getting around well in general, I think the heat & stim will help with the stiffness. Orthopedics R Us!! But getting down there meant I finally got to try taking measurements for a bikini top and shorts, and draping a top. need to try transferring measurements onto paper and drafting...

BTW: cheerleader called yesterday with 3 flat tires!! and no spirit. If she feels she's not in good shape to do the tryouts, then her heart won't be in it and it will show. It will be a waste of $50, her time, their time & my time... so she's bagged it for this year (I think she really wanted 'permission'). Of course the pattern I just ordered arrived while on the phone to her. Luckily I didn't order any fabric. My skirt fabric, spandex order and the pattern all arrived yesterday:it was chrismas!!!

stress dreams

Had my first stress dream for the fitting suit party! No, I'm not 'red zoning' at this time, but amused that I'm stress dreaming.
It was a complicated dream, this particular part had to do with unpacking my stuff from the van to set up, and realizing that I forgot most of the stuff I wanted to bring (like all the fabric, and probably the credit card machine....). now why it was inside some great big church -type building and I was driving my van INSIDE (and actually down 3 or 4 stairs)... I have no idea. I can recognize the stress part, and have been meaning to write up a packing list. I guess I should do that today.
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day 4 done!

ow my aching back! Well, Day 4 of the SewOlympics is done. What have I got to show for it? doesn't feel like terribly much today.
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So, Day 4 done. 19 SML suits are now ready for elastic, 1 XL suit is ready and 8 more are cut. We'll see how many I can actually get elastics into next week!

I think it's gonna work!

It looks like I've really got a business on my hands! I guess Pierre was right. Not only do I have trainer Chris holding 'fitting parties' that he wants to do 'several times a year', but now I've also got trainer Dan emailing me who is trying to send me 3 or more folks -and 2 of them are women ($). He's happy to find someone local, so his people don't have to mail-order. And that's what Pierre's been trying to tell me! Looks like I really do have a business.

I went through the sales tax form, and aside from one thing I don't understand, I only collected $21 in tax last year so my penalty & fine are only a couple of bucks. annoying, but at least now I have a better idea what I need to do. I will have to call them though to find out what they mean by 'sales tax on purchases' -huh??? also, the notice only arrived on thursday and it says it must be received by Sat (like they're going to be in?) - no way to do that even mailing it today. I think maybe if I call them and remind them of the snow-snafu with the mail....

I think today I have to order more supplies and grade up a pattern for XL - and cut some out. some of these guys have monster legs and won't fit in a L. It's not that they have big butts - but some do have very large leg girths.

Oh and cheerleader should be coming in today for a fitting - I don't think she can understand measurement directions (tie a string around your waist where you want the top of the shorts to be, tie a string around one leg where you want the leg to end. Measure at the side from string to string. Measure from the center back of the waist string, diagonally across the hip to the leg string. .... this is complicated???)

So more cutting & sewing today. Definitely feel like I'm in the olympics, and it's likely to go on most of the year. maybe it will slow down a little?

calling it Day 3

it's 4:30 and I'm calling it a day. The greens are now done. Everything is flat-lined, side seamed.. that means that 16 suits are ready for elastic. 3 need self-linings cut and are only center seamed. 2 need a new piece re-cut and then can be begun.  Unfortunately these are only SML, I still don't have any xL. We'll see if I can squeak out bonus points. dunno. today, I'm done.

Holey Moley!!!!!

I just checked the facebook listing for the fitting next Sat.... including me and Chris who is hosting... there's 26 people signed up as attending!!!! Holy Crap! back to work I guess.

Sewing Marathon

After a morning of biking and paperwork (hurrah! the county doesn't care about a traders license, though the state does and I need that. and Oop! the comptroller just sent me a letter answering my unasked question about paying sales tax I collected last year.) But at least I found where I stashed my assorted licenses and have posted them on the wall now.

So, sewing began about quarter to 1pm. so in a little over an hour I got all the blacks center-seamed, lined & crotched seamed - they are now in the same state as the burgundies. That's 4 small, 2 med & 3 large. Unfortunately 1 large fancy got eliminated due to a bad cut. I'll have to see if I can scavange enough scrap to cut 1 extra back piece. <sigh>

I think I'll break for lunch and then do some flat-lining and side seams instead of changing to green thread.

gotta look at posture! my back aches.