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That's My Story, & I'm Sticking to It!

where are we going?

10 December
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Originally I'm from southern New Hampshire where I grew up the youngest of six kids, but I currently live in central Maryland with my long suffering husband and assorted cats (2 of which have their Champion titles).

I was bored one summer in 1975 and read some books my brother had left in his room when I moved into it - he having moved off to college or gotten married or something. So I read the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings because they were there. And as soon as I finished, there was this giant hole in my life so I read them all over again! Ok, so now I've lost count of how many times I've read the books (around 30 I think), listened to the various cassette and CD versions and seen the movies.

Then in college I joined the Medieval Society.. and it made me learn to sew costumes. Now I get to combine lots of interests and learn new hobbies just to keep busy and create complete outfits!

I'm also co-owner of AlleyCatScratchCostume, which includes LotR-Costume LotR-Costume